Just Being Human (Audiobook)

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Author: Colton Nelson

Pages: 60

Release Date: August 18, 2020

Publisher: RCN Media (RCN Shorts)

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About the Book

We all live day to day, sometimes paycheck to paycheck. But, when Benson Scott stumbles upon success, he discovers three important things: a dream job doesn’t equal fulfillment, the most human moments are followed by humor, and, finally, horny ducks really love weddings.

Funny, smart, and engaging... a coming-of-age story not only for Benson Scott, but also his duck.


"Just Being Human is a delightful read! I found myself smiling and even grinning as I read. I am looking forward to the next humorous twist." - Shelley Penner, bestselling author of the Haven Hold Series

"Laughs abound in this romantic tale involving careers, families, weddings, babies and...duck. A fun, delightful read." - Laura Sturgeon

"A quirky, endearing relationship, filled with humour, real life challenges, and a personality-plus Duck. That might be all Benson needs in his life. After all, it really is the simple things that count. Find out how this multi-leveled character meets and greets life with its inevitable challenges. Reading "Just Being Human" is nourishment for the soul and a look in the mirror. Colton Nelson's character and relationship portrayal make us laugh out loud while pulling at our heartstrings. I can't wait for the next chapters!" - Gail Morton

"I found it delightful. The humour brought tears to my eyes and I have great respect for Colton understanding of the human condition at such a young age. I loved the duck! I loved the relationship between Sarah and Benson -- it's too true! I felt the ending set just the right tone and left me wanting more. Having just read Colton's other stories and enjoyed them I was blown away by Colton's new maturity in this publication. My only complaint is that I didn't want it to be over. This deserves to be a full length novel! Well done!" - Dave Morton

"Just Being Human captures the hilarious calamities that can befall two quirky characters--an eccentric Canadian filmmaker and an LA diva--as they navigate the treacherous waters between first impetuous love and parenthood. Nelson throws in a botched proposal, a wedding segregated along family lines, and some lovesick waterfowl to ramp up the comedy and keep the reader smiling from first page to last." - Derek Hanebery, Best Selling Co-Author of Both Sides Now

"Just Being Human is a unique story about a young man who finds unexpected success and does what he can to navigate through everything it brings into his life... including a feathered friend who makes things all the more interesting!" -Anonymous

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