A Nickel A Bucket: Special Edition (Paperback)

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Author: Laura Sturgeon

Pages: 48

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Publisher: RCN Media (RCN Shorts)

This is a LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION with only 100 copies of these signed and numbered editions in print. Act fast because supply is running out fast. This edition is FULL Color.

This paperback comes with free bookmark and extra merch.

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About the Book

It is the era of the Great Depression and apple picking season is coming to an end. Fifteen-year-old James Lemley and his family works tirelessly from sun-up until dinnertime picking as many apples as they can to earn a small wage, afford food and save up enough money for when it comes time to move on. But where will they end up next? When every year is a different location, a different farm, the Burchett farm is their only constant. Unfortunately, James is seriously injured, disallowing him to contribute to the family income. Is the Lemley family doomed to a life of continued poverty or will their luck soon turn around?

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