A Nickel A Bucket (Paperback)

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Author: Laura Sturgeon

Pages: 48

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Publisher: RCN Media (RCN Shorts)

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About the Book

It is the era of the Great Depression and apple picking season is coming to an end. Fifteen-year-old James Lemley and his family works tirelessly from sun-up until dinnertime picking as many apples as they can to earn a small wage, afford food and save up enough money for when it comes time to move on. But where will they end up next? When every year is a different location, a different farm, the Burchett farm is their only constant. Unfortunately, James is seriously injured, disallowing him to contribute to the family income. Is the Lemley family doomed to a life of continued poverty or will their luck soon turn around?

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