Pulse (Paperback)

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Author: Huei Lin

Pages: 24

Release Date: November 24, 2020

Publisher: RCN Media (RCN Shorts)

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About the Book

A thirty-five year old man born with no heart remembers a night from many years ago. In the company of a woman who enjoys green pepper pizza, he attempts to solve the mystery of his missing heart. She, too, was born with something missing. The two New Yorkers share a tender moment together and discuss the evolution of human consciousness, language, and the primacy of metaphor before yielding to the flow of time. Things change, but the man finds that the persistence of memory holds fast in an erratic, unsentimental world. The city is mad with fantasy and missed connections; and yet, sometimes, we can touch the mirage and keep a piece of it for a rainy day.

Reviews for Huei Lin:

“As a 'writer' it was eye-opening and thought-provoking to read this short story about the tags we are given because of what we do or don't do. A thoroughly enjoyable, well-written short story.” - Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, Best Selling Author

"Bit of wry and sparkling writing from Huei Lin, this morsel of a short story captivates in the tradition of William Sydney Porter. Lin’s lotus-eating protagonist bumps up against a sacred cow, somehow coming out ahead in a semi-successful search for enlightenment. We should all be so disenchanted. More to come from this promising writer, we think." 

Jacqueline Carmichael, author of Tweets from the Trenches

“King of Dhamma is a unique and humorous story of one man's journey of self-discovery helped along by a highly respected leader. But does this character even exist? He is about to find out. Engaging!” – Laura Sturgeon, Author of The Big Ugly Sweater

"Huei's story is a hilarious deep-dive into the shadow side of asceticism that addresses the age-old philosophical question: Is it better to deny the sensual world in hopes of reaching a higher state of consciousness or to indulge one's desires and live a life of serial pleasures? Crisply narrated by an angst-ridden writer on his first silent meditation retreat, "King of Dhamma" tickles the funny bone while teasing the mind, proving that Huei Lin is a writer well worth reading." - Derek Hanebury, Best Selling Co-Author of Both Sides Now

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